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Smart Collection a technological and healthy solution in the days of Covid-19

Smart Collection a technological and healthy solution in the days of Covid-19

April 23, 2020

(Zavit Group Press) .- As a result of the overwhelming situation that the world is going through with the pandemic generated by Covid-19, some entrepreneurs, companies and technologists have taken advantage of these hard times to generate “proposals” that more than contribute to providing solutions for This problem has caused damage to public health.

The main reason: improvised solutions put on the market such as booths for alleged disinfection of people, which have generated in their tests, intoxication of those who have used these units; the sole purpose of these corporations is to make a profit at this juncture and to play with people’s physical and emotional health.

Other of the questionable reasons to discard these proposals are the use of highly toxic components such as quaternary ammonium or pure alcohol, products that do not have a proper safety data sheet and that have caused skin irritation in users, as well as discomfort that the application of the supposed disinfectant has produced, since when applied by micro-spraying people come out completely wet.

Due to the consequences that these experimental solutions have generated, different agencies and departmental entities – in the case of Colombia and Mexico, state institutions have removed these defective technological contributions from the market.

In this sense, the companies Grupo Makro (Panama) and Attica Design Group (Colombia), merged to create Zavit Group, a company that using technology, designed Smart Collection, the first line of high-end equipment for control of entrances and human disinfection that have a strict protocol of use, because behind them, there is an outstanding scientific team, both national and international, that guaranteed the effectiveness of the process.

The units that will soon be on the market, become a massive solution to viruses and bacteria, this, due to the implementation of ZAVITIZER, the main component used in the disinfection process which allows complete sterilization and cleaning of any space and environment, as it has the relevant certifications for its use, which makes it an organic solution that is not harmful to health.

ZAVITIZER, is a product whose disinfection properties to a great extent provide tangible solutions and without any contraindication in people and animals, that is why it is 100% recommended and friendly to health.

It is composed of a GX35 cleaner (organic vegetable-based degreaser) and an antiseptic with PHO (disinfects 99.8% of the surfaces) that make it an item with a high disinfecting density without causing damage to the skin, eyes, hair, or respiratory conditions in Those who use it, in addition to its natural and therapeutic properties thanks to components such as Aloe Vera, this was demonstrated through safety protocols carried out by qualified laboratories.

Another of the benefits of this product is that it extends the useful life of surfaces and tools; It is not corrosive or malleable and is a quintessential cleaner for any contaminated water.

International certification

ZAVITIZER is a product that has the national and international certification of specialized laboratories, as well as the validation of the Colombian National Institute (ICA), Colombian Security Council (CCS), National Association of Environmental Licenses (ANLA), United Nations Global Marketplace ( UNGM), Kosher Agency Latin America (KAL) and Par Servicios.

This was indicated by Walber Castillo, president of Zavit Group, who maintained that the main priority of the company he directs is to ensure the safety and protection of people, which is why they formed a team composed of highly qualified personnel in areas such as medicine, biotechnology, industrial design and engineering, who have come together to provide tangible, short-term solutions as a result of the growing global pandemic.