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ZAVIT GROUP is a business group committed to improving the living conditions of our community through the development of solutions that help reduce the impact of external agents that affect our daily activities.

ZAVIT GROUP was born from the alliance of two multinationals, Grupo MAKRO (Panama) and ATTICA DESIGN GROUP (Colombia / United States), has headquarters in more than three countries, with coverage in Latin America and the United States, we are continuously contributing all our potential to the I develop effective and long-lasting solutions to threats from viruses with a high level of contagion, such as Covid-19 and other diseases.

We are a group of more than 100 professionals from different areas of health, design and engineering, supported by educational institutions and specialized research centers, which result in the creation of ZAVIT Smart Tech “Intelligent Units for Access Control, Security and Prevention ” Designed to provide a cleaning, disinfection and sterilization environment for users as a measure of protection against viral diseases.

With ZAVIT Smart Tech “Intelligent Units for Access Control, Security and Prevention”, we seek to generate alternatives to reduce the risks of contagion, which allow people to resume their work activities safely and reliably, always taking into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).