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Exposure through direct contact with the skin, mucosa or accidentally inhaled or ingested does not trigger skin irritation, respiratory tract irritation or conjunctival irritation. It does not cause conjunctivitis, contact dermatitis or exacerbate or conditions of respiratory obstruction in susceptible people.

It does not cause adverse effects on your health. There are no risks arising from the misting of disinfectant nanotechnology on people.

It is the best community mitigation strategy for the dispersal of the pathogen.

Designed for use in our units with cold fogging technology, ISO certified.

  • Nebulization system with automatic regulation.
  • Homogeneous distribution.
  • Action time is immediate on contact.
  • Creates a long-lasting layer that sterilizes viral particles.
  • Disinfection level is 99+% of all types of micro organisms.
  • Eliminates bad odor.
  • Self-cleaning units after each use.
  • The process time is automatic 3 sec.
  • The mask as clothing are permeabilized.
  • It is not toxic, neither for children nor pets.

We have scientific evidence that supports safety for human health and the effectiveness of our product to help mitigate the transmission of viruses.